Introducing Form Integrations: Connect Forms to MailChimp, MailPoet & Other Services

Today we are releasing a new feature that will make it easy for you to connect to email marketing services.

Email marketing is an integral part of every online business. The formula is simple: you create a website (via Elementor, obviously), fill it with content, gain traffic and sign up these users to an email list.

The importance of email marketing is something all marketing experts seem to agree on. For example, Noah Kagan states: “Appsumo is a 7-figure business, with over 90% of our revenue generated by our email list.”

The problem is that integrating forms to email marketing services isn’t that simple and intuitive. Building a landing page with Elementor is so darn simple, why can’t building a mailing list be as simple?

I guess by now you figured out that this is my build-up for Elementor’s next release. Here it goes:

Now, form integrations to email marketing services have been made simple!

A quick recap of Elementor Forms – Back when we first introduced Elementor Forms, our focus was on providing the best experience for designing WordPress forms. This included live visual control over every aspect of the form, as well as the ability to create the entire form from one place in the frontend editor.

Expanding Form capabilities has been one of the most anticipated features by our users. Just check out this comment from last week’s feature release post, made by Simon from the UK:


Actions – What happens after submit

We are now introducing the next step in Elementor’s form evolution. We have added the ability to control all the actions that occur after the form has been submitted. This includes adding the form submitter to an email service like Mailchimp, MailPoet and Zapier, redirecting the user to a dedicated Thank You page, adding CC and BCC to the reply email, sending shortcodes of form fields and sending a second mail.

MailChimp Integration

Mailchimp sends over a billion emails a Day. In 2015 over 3.4M users joined their email service. The company is by far leading the ever crowded race of email marketing services. I have to mention their recent “Did You Mean” campaign, which I personally will always remember as one of the most remarkable marketing campaigns ever.

We’ve made connecting Elementor sign-up forms to MailChimp lists and groups easy… oh so easy.

In fact, if you are connecting to MailChimp in any other way, go ahead and cut those wires loose and do it with Elementor Forms. If you routinely include leads and sign-up forms in websites and landing pages you create, this will make your workflow so much easier.

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